Understanding the Angular Js basics

Angular Js, also known as Angular, is one of the most popular open source frameworks that are used to develop single page web apps. Based out of Javascript, this framework is mainly maintained by Google. Although there are many other frameworks available that can be used to design the single page applications, there are many special aspects of angular that make it special in comparison to the other options and you will learn about them in angular Js online training.


When you take up an Angular Js Training in Houston you’ll learn about that there are a few things/components that contribute to defining the basic structure of the Angular.

Ø  View

As the meaning of the word is, the views are something that a client or the user will see on the screen. This is a section which has to be rendered in such a way that it displays whatever the client requests for. There are a lot of data bindings, directives and filters that contribute in defining the views in the Angular. Although this is an important section, it is still ensured that the amount of code to be put in this section is kept to the minimum to ensure that it is bug-free and causes no problem to the clients.

Ø  Controller

The controller is the most important part of the angular and it majorly contributes in holding the logics associated with the applications that you develop through Angular. Again, as the name suggests, the controller is responsible for holding a control over the information in the frames and preparing it in such a way that this information is further rendered when the view section is sublimated. To put it in simple words, the main work of the controllers in the Angular is to bring together all the information and data that is required by the frame and then puts this data into the model for approval. It is a mediator between view and model.

Ø  Model

Also known as the terms like view model and scope, this is the section in the angular that is responsible for approving every data that is fed in by the controller. Its work is more like that of a correspondent who tells if the work going on between the view and controller is right or needs any kind of changes.

Reasons behind the popularity of Angular Js are many. One major advantage here is that as a developer you will not have to write innumerable lines of codes in the angular. With the features where you can use the DRY concept, you can use the same piece of code at multiple places in the simplest possible ways. Since this works on the client side, you can easily work on the front without worrying about what is going on at the back end. Defining the ease in standalone desktop single page applications, the Angular Js has been further improved by introducing the Angular 2.0 as well for web app development.

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