Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Tracking Performance Metrics

Whether you are a new or an old WordPress blogger, you may be curious how a WordPress plugin could help you track the usage of your website or the popularity of a post. WordPress plugins allow you to collect and visualize information about a website’s traffic. The following plugins are among the best for a WordPress bloggers.

Google Analytics for WordPress.

The Google Analytics for WordPress plugin is one of the most popular plugins for an author. This plugin includes many features, such as:

– Asynchronous tracking. The Google Analytics tracking system is new, and features benefits such as speed and enhanced data collection.

– Custom Variables. A custom variable is a way of looking at information about a user, an author, or a link.

– Google Analytics API Integration

– Event Tracking

WordPress Post Analytics

This is another very popular plugin among members of the WordPress blogging communities. This plugin will give you exact information about the number of visitors, page views, and time on page. As most bloggers realize, it is important to know the popularity of different posts among their readers to make sure the readers continue to be entertained with the word press. This plugin, similar to the previous one, uses only information provided by Google analytics for accuracy.

Tallyopia Analytics

Tallyopia is popular among many WordPress authors for the wonderful features, such as:

– The integration between plugin and WordPress administration page is great.

– Can track information about your WordPress both in real-time, to look at immediate trends, and over time, to get a better look at the popularity.

– The goal page allows you to track performance.

– The ability to watch many websites at the same time.


If you are someone who tweets in addition to blogging professionally, WP-TwitterAnalytics can help you store twitter conversations, tweets, and other information you would be interested in analyzing, monitoring, and storing. This plug-in is very similar to other plugins, but was designed specifically with Twitter users in mind and therefore cannot be used with other social networking sites. However, there are different plugins for many of the most popular social networking sites.

Gravity Forms Analytics

Both the free version and the premium versions of this plugin are great tools when you are working on with a WordPress blog. The following information features are supported in both versions:

– Number of visits

– Number of page views

– Browser’s name and version

– State and country

The paid version of this software will also include the following features:

– Time data, such as the total number hours and minutes your reader was on your website or specific page.

– Geolocation data, such as longitude and latitude.

This list should give you a good idea of where to start when looking for WordPress plugins. Not everyone will like the same plugins, so thankfully many of these plugins are free or have free trial or demo versions. Don’t be afraid to try more than one and shop for what best suits you, because plugins are great tools to use with your WordPress blog to collect data.

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