Scan Your Android Phone For Certifi-Gate Vulnerability Now

Android users area unit busy fighting with Stagefright vulnerability whereas the popular mobile software package faces important security vulnerability, dubbed as “Certifi-Gate”. Millions of android devices may be hacked exploiting a plugin that comes pre-installed on your android devices by the makers.

Most of the android device makers pre-install ‘Remote Support Tool (mRST)’ plugin onto their phones that area unit meant to assist users, like RSupport or TeamViewer. But, an important Certifi-Gate security vulnerability during this mRTS plugin permits malicious applications to achieve illegitimate privileged access rights, albeit your device isn’t unmoving.

Scan Your Android Phone

Remote support tools usually have root level access to android devices, albeit your device isn’t unmoving. Therefore any put in app will use Certifi-Gate vulnerability to achieve unrestricted device access, including:

  • screen scraping
  • keylogging
  • exfiltrating non-public info
  • installing malware apps, and more

The flaw affects thousands of legion android devices, and users cannot uninstall the vulnerable plugin from the device as a result of it’s a part of the core system…

“It probably permits cyber criminals to require complete management of any of those android devices, sanctionative them to steal info from contact lists, calendars, location, something that you simply wear your device,” Check purpose VP of product management Gabi Reish, told CBS News.

How to shield your phone from Certifi-gate: Scan android for Certifi-gate

Check purpose has created an app which will scan your device to form certain you are good to go. The app is termed Certifi-Gate Scanner. The annoying news is that the vulnerability might not get away any time before long, as a result of android phone manufacturer firms area unit notoriously slow in cathartic patches to users. The company has issued a tiny low android app that permits you to scan your phone to seek out whether or not it’s at risk of Certifi-gate. The matter is, even once the app tells you that your phone is vulnerable it offers no fix for the vulnerability.

How to install:

Here is a unit the steps for installation:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your android device
  2. Search for certifi-gate
  3. Locate and faucet the entry for Certifi-Gate Scanner by Check purpose
  4. Tap Install
  5. Read the permissions listing
  6. If the permissions listing is appropriate, tap Accept
  7. Allow the installation to complete
  8. On your home screen or from inside the app drawer, you’ll currently launch the Certifi-Gate Scanner app.

On the app’s home page you will see an oversized red circle with the legend ‘Tap to Scan’.The scanner’s progress is going to be shown onscreen, and once it reaches one hundred pc you will be aware whether or not or not your device is vulnerable.

First, you wish to ascertain if you are vulnerable. To try and do this run Certifi-gate Scanner on your android device. Unfortunately, this application isn’t terribly helpful. The report provides general info concerning the matter. It doesn’t tell you, for instance, that one in every of your applications is receptive attack.

So, there are 2 ways to defend against this attack. First, you’ll purchase Check Point’s Mobile Threat bar service. It works on advanced static code analysis. In this, the code is mechanically decompiled and search algorithms applied to notice malicious flows within the code. The opposite technique is to update the app, within the case of TeamViewer, and to uninstall the opposite vulnerable remote control/tech support programs.

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