OLX – Biggest Classified Website in India

Since the last couple of years of so the virtual world of internet has become the important part of our daily life. The internet world offers so much to us like any news, maps, bill payments, document storage, movies, games, lifestyle and much more.

The services we get from the internet are almost uncountable. One of the trends which have touched the sky high limits is online shopping or selling of everything and when I say everything I totally mean it.

Many websites are here in the virtual world which practically offers to buy things like car, clothes, gadgets, vacation trips and more. You can also sell all the above mentioned stuffs on these websites if they’re not useful to you anymore. One of such websites is OLX – India free classifieds.

The ‘OLX’ has truly been a pioneer in this buying and selling business because of the variety of products it has and the features with ease of purchasing and giving a product.

Here below is a brief review about the ‘OLX’ which will surely help you understand the use of online trading in a much better way.

OLX Review

The Categories

OLX has over 6 categories and over sub categories for everything you want to sell and buy. The categories are very well placed and provide a systematic approach to your needs.

The categories under which you can place your ads are Mobile, Electronics and Technology, Real State, Home and Lifestyle, Vehicles and Jobs.

Now, that something very interesting under these 6 categories I got the whole world on my PC.

The Locality

One more thing which OLX offers and looks best to be is the local approach to buy and sell the stuff. The one can choose the city or state in which they are currently living or want to do trading.

The things become pretty easy when you choose the exact place for your business as you don’t need to go through the useless pile of ads to search for what you’re looking.

The Ads

The user can simply place an ad over the OLX in just 3 easy steps to sell his stuff or for his requirement. The ad posting on PLX is absolutely free of cost and you don’t have to create an account on it do place it. The steps are as follows.

  • Upload an image of your product.
  • Put the description with e-mail address.
  • Enter to place your ads.

Well, not signing up for placing the ad is surely a good idea as it’s very annoying by some website when send the unwanted mails to the inbox every day.

Customer Approach

Once you’ve placed your order then you’ll get a confirmation mail from the OLX that your ad has been indexed. After that, as soon as someone will try to contact you by the number you’ve provided or the e-mail address then OLX will notify you by sending an e-mail and a text to your mobile.

So, once you’ve placed the ad then you can be very tension free of checking your ad every now and then to see that if someone is interested in what you’re offering as OLX will do it for you.

Digital Thinking and Audience

OLX has very wide base of users across the globe and it is now synced with the digital media as well, so the people get to know about what it offers and use it their own buying and selling purpose.

The TV ad campaign, online ads, social media promotion and other digital methods have really played an important role to let the OLX thrive in the virtual world. You can follow us on YouTube. I found one great ad via their YouTube channel which I definitely want to share with you.

Tips for Buyers

Overall, the OLX is completely a safe and secure place to put your ads and buy something you need but, still come unsocial elements of the society use this platform to thug the people by providing wrong information and other baits.

To avoid the panic situation of getting cheated and lose your hard earned money you need to keep your eyes wide open and follow some of the basic tips which are here below.

  • Do not ever trust any seller for the product if haven’t met him and not seen the condition of product by yourself. Try to make the deal in person.
  • Get the full documents like bills, warranty card to make sure that the product is not stolen even if you meet the person for the deal.
  • Do not ever use bank transactions to pay the money as far as possible and make the payment after getting the product and once you’re satisfied with it.

Wrap Up

The online trading as its own pros and cons, but, it looks like a new generation method of dealing with the world for the needs with the hectic life schedule.

If one will keep the required safety measure, then it is the best place in the world which actually exists virtually to buy and sell all the stuff you need ranging from a car to mobile and many more.

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