LG Commits To Monthly Android Security Updates

In the wake of the Stagefright bug, phone makers have reportedly committed to posting monthly security updates to shield their Android smartphones, wired reports. As of Aug 6, Google can roll out regular monthly over-the-air security updates to its devices, and then Samsung and LG too.

Although it hasn’t been formally proclaimed by the corporate, the news comes from a handful of reliable sources. First, speaking at the protection conference Black Hat 2015, Googler Adrian Ludwig discovered that LG has created a similar commitment to send the monthly security patches that it receives from Google to finish users. This, supposedly, ought to last for 3 years when a phone is proclaimed, a similar as Nexus phones. And second, associate degree LG exponent told Wired the subsequent statement:

LG Commits

“LG are providing security updates on a monthly basis that carriers can then be able to build offered to customers right away. We tend to believe these vital steps can demonstrate to LG customers that security is our highest priority.”

The Korean device manufacturer joins native rival Samsung and world-leading search guru Google during a collective effort to stop major system vulnerabilities like Stagefright going forward.

Considered till shortly a gone an inferior Android subject by several, LG will all of an explosive do no wrong, rising through the OEM ranks like crazy. The G4 could be a hit, regardless of what some market experts say, the company’s mid-tier phones area unit progressively stylish among budget customers, and a “super premium” G4 professional is looming giant.

Lower-end phones just like the Bello || still, we presume, though LG officers area unit nonetheless to disclose specifics concerning the software system support pledge. All we all know, supported details, is that they’re on a similar ship as Google and Samsung.

The first updates from all 3 firms i.e., Google, Samsung and LG can address the Stagefright vulnerability, which might have permits a hacker to realize access to your Android device just by causation a malicious text message. Though the matter is straightforward to mend and Google had a patch prepared once the news poor last week, obtaining it resolute all of the fragmented Android system was another story. For many devices, Google depends on the individual phone makers to push updates to their customers. The nice news is that the reaction to Stagefright was uncharacteristically swift. Additionally to those new regular security update programs from Google, Samsung and LG, alternative major makers like HTC, Sony and Android One area unit reportedly causation Stagefright patches resolute customers.

If unintentionally you don’t begin seeing monthly updates unrolled to your (relatively) new LGs shortly, it’s smart to stay in mind regional carrier’s play their half too. Within the words of associate degree LG rep quoted by Wired, security updates are provided on a monthly basis “which carriers can then be able to build offered to customers true away.” Able, not indebted, mind you.

Hopefully, service suppliers perceive the time-sensitive nature of maintenance bumps, and learn to remain out of the method. There’s a time and place for bloat, and this isn’t it. Stagefright should stay an once-in-a-lifetime occurrence!

Speaking of, it looks each single unit name within the trade realizes the recent bug’s nasty potential, and Android repairs area unit on their thanks to Nexus devices, and Android Ones, Samsung, LG, Motorola and HTC-made mobile gizmos.

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