Latest Apps Especially For Your Kids

Kids are no longer interested to watch their favorite cartoons or read a book, but they intend to explore every new gadget which comes in the market. This can be an advantage for parents as there are several apps which help them to increase their knowledge with a good dose of entertainment. Here is the list of top useful apps for your kids.

Latest Apps Especially For Your Kids

Meet the insects Village edition:

This is one of the best apps in iPad. NC iasctionbook which has won the world renowned Red Dot Design award is back with its second edition. This app is wonderful for kids who love insects or are interested to know more about bugs. This app helps your kids know more about the various insects and their habitation. They can learn on how and why cicadas and grasshoppers produce sounds and why flies rub their legs? This is a fun app which helps your kid learn a lot.


This is an amazing app that helps your child keep a track of their homework and timetable. This enables your child to make a list of all the homework assignments sorted date wise. It has a counter here; it shoes the amount of homework “not done” yet! It helps them to keep a track of their regular timetable according to the days and classes. This truly helps your kids to track their homework and examination dates.

Kids Preschool puzzle lite:

This app is designed specifically for preschool children. Kids preschool puzzle lite educates your preschool kid. It is also entertaining and keeps the child engaged. This is fun with over 100 puzzles. It has colourful graphics and has categories like geometric figures, animals, numbers, food, letters, transport and more.

Haiku Deck:

This app allows you to create presentations with ease. This is a simple and fun way to create your PPTs. This app allows your kids to create amazing presentations. You can select any theme out of the several available and with millions of free photos; you can choose the best backdrop. It also allows you to import pictures from Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa or iPad.


Tellagami allows you to create a short story in an easy way. All you need to do is select a character, and personalise it with your photos and your voice. The story is ready to be shared with your friends. It is a fun way for your kids to learn and is also very easy to use. You can share this story via email, Facebook, SMS or Twitter.

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