Key Lime Pie: Release Date, Devices & Rumours

Key Lime Pie: Release Date, Devices & Rumours As Android becomes a more sophisticated and less buggy operating system, many new partners and smartphones are sprouting up to support the service. Right now, Android controls about 70% of the international smartphone market, with iOS straggling in second place.

Google is currently trying to integrate all their services into Google Now and offer a much more clean and simple operating system, while still maintaining the level of creativity and customization Android fans love.

Key Lime Pie: devices & date

Key Lime Pie will apparently be the next Android operating system, plugged at 5.0 and coming with a host of new smartphones. Already rumours have the Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Plus, Nexus 5, X Phone and LG Optimus G2 to have the first over-the-air upgrades.

Not many are certain what Key Lime Pie will bring, early rumours say the homepage will be updated Google Now with notifications and updates, and from there you can check out your applications and widgets. Key Lime Pie may be the first Android operating system to come with the Nexus UI, although many are unsure about this and believe it will only come exclusively on the X Phone.

The Google I/O is likely to be the birthplace of Key Lime Pie, with Google apparently already finished all of the initial development and now it is just polishing, understanding, and stopping problems on the operating system.

Google I/O is an annual event Google host, where they normally show off all of their great new products and services. Last year the Nexus 7, Jelly Bean, and some other projects were shown off, the first real look at a Google Glass hangout was shown, 10,000 feet in the air.

Key Lime Pie: Release Date, Devices & Rumours Google I/O 2013

This year, the Nexus 5, Nexus 7.7, Nexus 10.1 and Key Lime Pie are reportedly going to be the main features at the event, with another preview of Google Glass before its release sometime at the end of 2013 or start of 2014.

We do not believe the X Phone will make an appearance at the Google I/O, because it is a Motorola Mobility product and it is likely a private press event will be set up to release the smartphone.

In comparison to early reports saying Key Lime Pie would be the first Android operating system that is on a closed platform, with partners having to license the software, we believe Google will keep the OS free and open for another year, before shutting it off and start reaping the benefits.

The excitement for Google I/O is not present yet, as no rumours have come out that have any juice or bite. We suspect when April hits, the floodgates will open for rumours to start pouring in from everyone who is apparently an inside source at Google.

Key Lime Pie is a big step from Android Jelly Bean, originally just a small upgrade from Ice Cream Sandwich. Google were apparently working on this project before they had started Jelly Bean, so it has been in the works for longer than a year and is just finally coming to fruition.

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