How to Stay Cool and Composed During JEE Mains Exam

One of the most anticipated entrance exams for aspiring engineering students is fast approaching. The JEE Main exam is one of the most prestigious engineering entrance exams in India and is considered as a standard means of filtering by many top universities in India to grant admission to only the top students. The JEE 2016 application form have long been made available and even the JEE 2016 application deadlines are well past us. The JEE Mains admit card will soon be issued and the dates for the JEE 2016 exam have already been announced.


With exams fast approaching, many students are busy poring over the JEE Mains syllabus and referring previous year JEE Mains question papers. As the time runs out and the exam dates are getting closer and closer, the anxiety of the students is also increasing. Many students would have planned ahead, planned out every step and stuck to it to reach the most optimal level of preparation they can reach. While some have time to spare,others are desperate for time to cover the syllabus.

In order to help students stay cool and composed during the JEE Main exam. Here we list out a few pointers that will help you stay on top of the game during one of the most crucial times in their student as well as professional lives-

  • Clarity

Having a clear objective as to why you are taking up the JEE exams is half the work done. Because nothing serves the cause better than motivation. Have a clear and level headed idea about how things will work in the exam and how you can use them to your advantage. In order to have clarity, you need to have a in dept knowledge of the JEE syllabus. You need to know every single major as well as minor topic in the syllabus, with a clear understanding behind each and every topic. You must know why a formula is used, how it can be used and when it can be used. All these factors help you in having a clarity not only about the exam but also about your abilities as well.

  • Mock Tests

The purposes the habit of taking up regular mock tests is too many to count.It is a habit that is very encouraged in test and exam takers of all kind. The mock tests gives an exam taker, a clear idea of how the exam will be conducted and carried out. They also help the students grasp the finer points such as how the board intends to ask questions and what kind of questions can be asked from a particular kind of topic. Not only that,by taking up mock tests you get a better idea of how good is your preparation is and thereby identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Study Groups

A study group is a one stop solution for all kinds of exam-related problems. May it be a simple doubt with respect to a topic or just plain anxiety, a study group comprising of like minded friends can do wonders when it comes to exam preparation.

  • Planning

The sacred mantra for success of any kind is Planning. A job well planned, is half the job done already. Planning is a vital component when it comes to a successful exam preparation. Planning helps you feel more in control about your progress which means that you will more relaxed and laid back. Planning helps you establish a clear idea of how your preparation had been so far and what you need to do next.

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