EaseUS Data Recovery: Free recovery software

The internet era has enlightened everyone and as a result, an ample of websites are emerging over the industry. With the emergence of websites, comes the risk of being attacked by viruses and malware. In such a risk ridden world, it is always good to have a data recovery software in your PC. It not only makes sure that your files are not threatened by alien viruses but also helps the user to recover the files that are lost accidentally. It is not common phenomenon to lose the important files round the clock, but if it happens, it can baffle the user quite a lot. Hence, it is always handy to be on the safer side and opt for a similar software.




Fetching the files lost:

The files that are lost can be retrieved with the help of useful recovery software named EaseUS data. It is one of the top ranked softwares in this category. The credibility of this software is unmatched and it is coupled with favorable reviews by the customers. The striking feature of the software is that it is completely free of cost, making it reachable to all the sections of the society. In this way, the user does not have to think twice before opting for recovery software. The file types that can be fetched while being lost are FAT, FAT 16, FAT 32 and NTFS. These files can also be extracted from the USB drive and other storage units.


The three steps of recovery:

The EaseUS data software conducts a process in three stages in order to retrieve the lost files. These steps make sure that the lost files are recovered without any troubles.  We have listed those steps down under:


  1. Deleted file recovery- During this mode, the files that have been lost are recovered. The original file names are also retrieved during the process.
  2. Complete recovery- this mode deals with the recovery of data lost due to disk formatting and other similar processes.
  3. Partition recovery- it enables the user to fetch the files lost during partition. As much as 2GB of data can be recovered using this mode. It also helps the user to retrieve data from external hard disk. For knowing how to do it, you can see the tutorial on how to recover data from external hard disk.


The Verdict:

EaseUS data recovery is certainly the one stop solution for the people suffering from data loss problems. Hence, you should get a copy of it in order to save yourself from such risks.

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