Bada on its Way to Retirement – Tizen Continues

Bada on its Way to Retirement – Tizen ContinuesSamsung has manufactured a lot, a lot of phones with their popular operating system Bada. And now they have decided to send Bada to retirement. The news is not new; it’s almost over a year since these rumors started spreading. But no one was sure about the next OS to be coming; now it’s been clear too. The rumored successor was Tizen, and the rumor spreaders were right. Samsung is going to continue with the Tizen OS.

This whole thing started as a speculation and it was actually inevitable.

Samsung is giving up the whole Bada OS project, not keeping any part of it as remainders. Bada OS was something that we may call Samsung’s ‘homegrown’ operating system project. However, they are going to continue the project with open source Tizen OS instead. This information was confirmed by Samsung Media Solution Center president Hong Won-pyo. Ever since the Tizen project was initiated, Samsung showed interest in Tizen and it was rumored to merge with Bada OS. Samsung isn’t merging actually, they are starting over with Tizen OS.

The bad news is the smartphones that already runs Bada will not be able to upgrade to Tizen OS, but however the apps will be compatible with Tizen OS. Good news for the low profile apps as you don’t get functions like ‘backup whole ROM’ here. Anyways, Samsung will not just kill the experience they have earned from Bada, they are going to utilize them while inventing stuff on the Tizen operating system. For those who have noticed, might already know that Samsung has not released any Bada OS running devices for quite a long time. And in the upcoming days, we are not going to see any more Bada devices as well.

The Tizen Project is emerged to be the new open source potential platform for Samsung’s smartphones. Samsung has committed that some Tizen running devices are soon to be launched this year. Samsung wants to decrease the dependency on Android operating system and that’s why they are taking this step.

Samsung will now be working under the Tizen project to earn its name as the co-partner for the development of Tized operating system; previous the partners were Intel, Huawei and some other major renowned brands. Tizen was actually born as the Samsung Linux Project. This operating system has full potentials to be a fully-fledged mobile operating system. If developed properly, then it truly has the capability to be a worthy competitor against Android or Windows Phone operating systems. Though the main rival is supposed to be Android, it will be a fight of ‘open source linux based’ rivals. The Tizan modules were actually incorporated from Nokia’s open source project, MeeGo. Nokia decided not to walk that way, and now it’s taken by Samsung.

Recently, Magnolia Software Development Kit (SDK) was released so that the developers can start working on apps for this operating system.

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