5 Apps to Make WordPress Eyesight-Friendly

Whether or not you have poor eyesight, every WordPress site owner should to be aware that some potential readers do. In fact, half of the population suffers from some kind of eyesight problem, whether astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness.

Considering how many people online have eyesight problems, it’s surprising that so many webmasters ignore people who have trouble looking at standard WordPress sites! You can set yourself apart and make life easier for your devoted readers by simply installing a few plugins.

If you have poor eyesight yourself, optimizing your website will also make basic administration tasks far easier on you. It won’t be as much of a struggle to get through proofreading your posts or redesigning your theme with these plugins to help!

1. WP Accessibility

By default, there are major problems in the built-in WordPress structure for people with eyesight problems. This simple plugin allows you to enable and disable a long list of accessibility improvements so you can turn off anything that interferes with your theme too much. For instance, you can strip redundant title attributes, add post titles to your standard “read more” link on a front page or category page, or enable skip links for moving keyboard focus. These fixes can make your blog much easier for someone with vision impairment to navigate.

2. Cleaner WordPress Editor

If you have poor eyesight and find that the post/page editor causes undue difficulties, or if you have people who post on your site who complain about it, Cleaner WordPress Editor can help you out. It involves a list of little tweaks like increasing the font size in the editor, changing the background color and font color to one that causes less strain, and hiding non-functional elements. Whether your site allows moderated public posts or you have one site admin with poor vision, you may find yourself quickly growing to prefer this editor!

3. HumansNotBots – Easy, Accessible Email Cloaker

Posting your email online is an invitation for spammers, so many people have taken to posting it in some other format, such as through an image or Javascript. The problem is that screen readers leave your readers with poor eyesight out in the cold, because they often disable such elements, and they can’t read out the email address. This plugin, HumansNotBots, fixes that problem. It displays a clickable email address when you type email AT address DOT com as long as Javascript is enabled, and if Javascript isn’t, it still appears readable.

4. WordPress Zoom

Maybe your site just needs a zoom button – something easy to configure, standardized, and that doesn’t mess up the elements you don’t want zoomed. This plugin provides just that simple solution; you can predefine the zoomable areas of your website, and your readers can click the plus or minus buttons to magically resize your content. This allows people who have poor eyesight but don’t use a screenreader to dig into your posts like everyone else.

Don’t abandon up to half your audience by ignoring accessibility. These WordPress plugins make it easy for you to cater to readers with poor eyesight, while making it easier on you to do your everyday web admin tasks if you have an eyesight problem of your own!

Jack Douglas is an app buff. He enjoys following the latest developments in apps for eyesight and sharing his findings on various eyesight blogs. Learn about getting contact lenses online, visit the Lenstore.

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